Artist’s statement

‘The starting point for my work is my connection with and my response to, my immediate environment.  As a sculptor I try to draw in 3 dimensions – with materials that allow an immediacy of action.  Some works are obviously spatial drawings, while some are more contemplative, drawing on my emotional response to a place or feeling. The sculptures develop in an intuitive way, creating windows of focus that are sometimes awkwardly balanced. My fascination is with form, texture and the contrasting of scale and finish. The balance and rhythm between the components of the pieces are not always directional, but free form –  the balance at times self conscious.  My pieces are ‘resolved’ when the visual dialogue has reached a conclusion. However, in some cases, aspects are left unsaid – the sentences left incomplete. My large scale works tend to have calligraphic qualities, which concentrate on the capturing of volume and space, with the lightest touch and the balancing of positive and negative spaces. This is often achieved by forming materials through a process of rolling or folding. ‘